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IT Management

Books on IT Management
04/23/2007An Overview of Continuous Data Protection
04/16/2007Maximizing Compliance and Content Protection
03/26/2007A Better Way to Budget Enterprise IT Expenses
03/19/2007Avoiding the Commitment Dip: Seven Ways to Keep Your Employees Focused on and Committed to Change
03/09/2007Partnering to Optimize IT and Security Management
02/12/2007Agile Enterprise IT: Oxymoron to Reality
01/29/2007Magnifying the Value of Identity Management Technology
12/18/2006Enterprise IT Freakonomics
12/11/2006Preemptive Problem Solving
11/27/2006Making Enterprise IT Fun Again
11/20/2006Eight Rules for Dealing with Employees Who Are Bringing Your Company Down
09/27/2006Office Safety: Thwart Work Space Hazards with Simple Solutions
08/07/2006Creating a Culture of Compliance
07/10/2006What CEOs and CFOs Really Want to Know About Enterprise IT Value
06/19/2006Implementing the IT Balanced Scorecard: Aligning IT to Organizational Strategy
05/22/2006Fixing Broken Outsourcing Relationships
05/15/2006The Overwhelmed Office: Six Fixes for the Stressed-Out, Productivity-Challenged Workplace
04/17/2006Ten Top Tips on How to Donate Your Old PC
04/03/2006New Guidance Helps CEOs and Boards Fulfill Responsibility for Information Security
03/30/2006The Truth about Global Outsourcing
03/20/2006Critical Success Factors for Managing Systems Integration
03/06/2006Crafting Information Technology Governance
02/06/2006Business Performance Management
01/09/2006Saving Users from Themselves
01/02/2006Sarbanes-Oxley: Achieving Compliance by Starting with ISO 17799
12/19/2005IT Outsourcing and Core IS Capabilities: Challenges and Lessons at Dupont
12/05/2005Examining the Basics of Supply Chain Management
11/28/2005Offshoring of Services: An Overview of the Issues
11/03/2005Understanding and Managing Vendors
10/10/2005Coaching for Career Development
05/23/2005IT-Supported Competence Management
08/16/2004Web Services Security: Is the Problem Solved?
05/31/2004Avoiding the Pitfalls of ERP System Implementation
05/03/2004Judging IT Department Performance
04/26/2004Keeping SCOR on Your Supply Chain: Basic Operations Reference Model Updates with the Times
04/05/2004An IT Manifesto for Business Managers
03/22/2004Requirements Management
03/15/2004Sarbanes-Oxley and Its Impact on the IT Auditor
03/08/2004Realizing the ROI of Outsourced Development
03/01/2004The Must-Have Competency
02/16/2004Best Practices in Due Professional Care: An IT Audit Perspective
07/19/2004Key Issues for Global IT Sourcing: Country and Individual Factors
07/26/2004Sarbanes-Oxley and IT Governance: New Guidance on IT Control and Compliance
04/12/2004Beating the Clock: Meeting the Staffing, Budget and Deadline Challenges of ERP Upgrades
02/09/2004"A Little Neglect May Breed Mischief ..."
02/02/2004Managing Enterprise IT with Four Flat Tires
01/05/2004Protecting Yourself While Protecting Your Computer Data: Two Laws Make It More Important Than Ever
12/15/2003What ERP Can Teach Us About Maximizing the Value and Performance of Enterprise IT
12/01/2003Guidelines for Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley
11/10/2003Locating the Human Element: In Search of Knowledge Management
09/29/2003Outsourcing the Help Desk
09/22/2003An IT Architecture for Nimble Organizations: Managing Access from Cyberspace
08/25/2003Preparing for Your IT Career Success
07/07/2003IT Service Delivery: Models and Frameworks
05/05/2003Improving Data Center Performance
04/14/2003The Future of Business Intelligence
04/07/2003IT Service Delivery: Models and Frameworks
03/17/2003The Financial Impact of IT Security Breaches: What Do Investors Think?
03/03/2003How to Get More from Your IT Consultant's Time
05/05/2003Improving Data Center Performance
06/03/2002Collaborative Initiatives: Service Level Management, Quality of Service, and Performance Measurement
03/25/2002Ten Technology Tips For Surviving the Fall of the Dotcoms
10/08/2001Enterprise Transformation and Data Management
10/01/2001Strategies for an Archives Management Program

Career Development

04/02/20078 Rules for Dealing with Poor Performers
03/12/2007Freedom Quest: Unlocking Career Shackles
02/26/2007Give Clear Requests to Get Amazing Results
12/25/2006Creating a Virtual Network of Support in Times of Need
10/30/2006Ten Must-Know E-mail Tips for Teams to Make an Impact and Get Results
10/09/2006The Upside of Office Politics: 7 Tactics to Help Professionals Succeed Amid a Politically Charged Company Culture
10/02/2006Connecting Clients in a Virtual World

Risk Management

02/05/2007Corporate Security: Risk and Cost Tolerance in India
01/01/2007The Insider's Guide to Outsourcing Risks and Rewards
09/18/2006Playing Russian Roulette with Enterprise IT Risks
08/09/2004Risk Analysis and Risk Management
05/24/2004Risk Management Systems: Understanding the Need
04/21/2003New Study Reveals State of Business Risk Preparedness in America


04/09/2007Internet Telephony: The Evolution to a Service-Oriented Architecture
10/11/2006Wiki Technology as a "Free" Collarorative Tool within an Organizational Setting
07/03/2006Why Leading Enterprises Are Issuing Employee Smart Cards
06/05/2006Label-Printing and RFID
05/08/2006Getting Started With Trusted Computing
02/13/2006Active RFID: Innovation and Very Rapid Growth
11/24/2003Smart Personal Object Technology (SPOT)


Books on Information Security
04/24/2007Stopping Spam Before It Stops You
04/09/2007Maximizing Compliance and Content Protection
03/22/200710 Privacy Pitfalls to Avoid
03/19/2007Choosing the Right Authentication
03/05/2007Four Cornerstones to a Successful MSSP Partnership
02/22/2007Secure, Searchable Archiving
02/19/2007Information Protection Extends Beyond the Network
01/24/2007The Evolution of Managed Security Services: A Virtual Reality
01/22/2007Darknets: Security's Bright Future
01/22/20072006 Security Trends
01/15/2007HSPD-12, Compliance and the Role of Automated User Provisioning in Converging Logical and Physical Government Environmennts
01/08/2007"Top 7 in '07" IT Security Predictions and Resolutions
12/25/20077 Resolutions for a Safe eSecure 2007
12/04/2006Implicit Trust Can Lead to Data Loss
11/13/2006Digital Steganography: Threat or Hype?
11/06/2006Information and Physical Security: Can They Live Together?
10/30/2006Secure from the Ground Up
10/23/2006Securing Global Supply Chains: Seven Reasons Why "Getting It Done" Is So Hard
10/18/2006Information Security: Design, Implementation, Measurement, and Compliance
09/18/2006Encryption Everywhere: Ensuring Access Compliance beyond a Doubt
09/11/2006Distributed Data: The New Security Frontier
09/04/2006The New Return on Integrity (ROI) Calculation for Desktop and Network Applications Security
08/21/2006Secure Data Archiving: How to Protect and Store Your Data
08/14/2006The California Security Breach Information Act (SB1386) and Its Impact on IT Security
07/24/2006Most Disk Overwriting Software May Compromise Data Security
07/17/2006Mitigating Malware in Userland
06/26/2006Remotely Safeguarding the Enterprise
04/24/2006The Brave New World of Distributed IT Security
04/24/2006Intrusion Prevention: The Future of VoIP Security
03/27/2006Cyber-Warfare Threatens Corporations Expansion into Commercial Environments
03/13/20062005 Biggest Year Yet for Spyware
02/27/2006Annual Internal Threat Report Reveals Attacks Against Corporate Networks Unrelenting
02/20/2006Data Protection and Security in the European Union
01/30/2006Best Practices for Security Information Management
01/23/2006Best Behavior against Evolving Threats
01/16/2006Ten Best Practices for Enterprise Intrusion Prevention
12/26/2005Outsmarting the New Malware
10/31/2005Critical Incident Response and CIRT Development
10/31/2005Implementing an Information Security Awareness Program
10/17/2005Identity Management: The Latest Crisis in Business Computing
10/03/2005Securing Web Services
06/28/2005Intrusion Prevention: The Future of VoIP Security
06/20/2005Emerging Cybersecurity Issues Threaten Federal Information Systems
07/05/2004The Nature of Cyber-attacks in the Future: A Position Paper
06/28/2004Intrusion Prevention: The Future of VoIP Security
05/17/2004Phishing Isnít So Sophisticated: Scary!
04/19/2004ISO-17799 Standard for Information Security: A Welcome for Security Management and Audit
04/12/2004Critical Incident Response and CIRT Development
03/29/2004The Virus Password In is the Image
07/12/2004Creating and Implementing Microsoft Office Security
01/26/2004Information Security: A Defensive Battle
10/27/2003Compromise Recovery and Incident Handling
10/06/2003Malware September Summit
09/22/2003Effective Patch Management Is Critical to Mitigating Software Vulnerabilities
09/15/2003Counterfeit Identification and Identification Fraud Raise Security Concerns
09/08/2003Challenges in Using Biometrics
08/18/2003Spam, That Ill Oí The ISP: A Reality Check for Legislators
08/11/2003Active Perimeter Network Security
07/28/2003Homeland Security: Information Assurance Challenges and Opportunities
06/30/2003Combating SPAM Problems in a Corporate Environment
06/23/2003The Financial Impacts of IT Security Breaches: What Investors Think?
05/26/2003Provider-Based IP Virtual Private Networks
05/19/2003Wireless Security: Here We Go Again
05/12/2003Klez Continues Its Reign as King of Malice!
07/08/2002Conducting a Computer Forensic Investigataion that Will Not Go to Trial
07/01/2002Top 10 Dial-In Security Mistakes
06/24/2002Dial-up Security Controls
06/17/2002Protecting Against Dial-in Hazards: E-mail and Data Communications
06/10/2002Protecting Against Dial-in Hazards: Voice Systems


Books on Database
08/28/2006Data Warehousing Stages of Growth
12/12/2005Mining Databases on the Web
06/06/2005It's All about the Data

Networking & Telecommunications

Books on Networking & Telecommunications
04/09/2007Internet Telephony: The Evolution to a Service-Oriented Architecture
07/31/2006Real-time Conversations Crucial for Networking in a Virtual World
05/27/2006Network Peripherals: A Weak Link in Security and an Open Gateway for Attackers
04/10/2006Introduction to Telecommunications Cost Management
11/21/2005Managing the Paradoxes of Mobile Technology
05/10/2004Placing Legacy Hardware on Ethernet LANs
04/12/2004The Challenges of Broadband
01/19/2004Protocol and Application Awareness: A New Trend or an Established Tradition?
01/12/2004Windows File Systems
12/29/2003Call Center Management: People Versus Technology
12/22/2003Next Generation Networks, Part 3: The Effects and Impacts of NGNs
11/17/2003Smart Control for Frame Relay Networks: Performance Monitoring and Traffic Shaping
11/03/2003Network Load Balancing
10/20/2003The New Kids on the 64-bit Block
10/13/2003Directory Enabled Networking: Managing the Evolving Network Ecology
10/06/2003ISP Reliability: Making the Right Connection
09/29/2003Donít Blame the Network
09/01/2003What's on My Network? A Network Monitoring and Analysis Tutorial
07/21/2003What's on My Network? A Network Monitoring and Analysis Tutorial
07/14/2003Towards Next Generation URLs
02/24/2003The Myth of the "Well-Managed" Network
02/10/2003Provider-based IP VPNs: Architecture and Deployment Considerations
02/03/2003A Comparison of Basic Frame Relay and IP VPN End-user Security
03/18/2002Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and Mobile Wireless Access

Software Engineering & Systems Development

Books on Software Engineering & Systems Development
03/12/2007Critical Success Factors for Global Software Development
09/25/2006The Evolving Role of Hardware as a Key Enabler of Open Source Telephony in the Business Market
06/12/2006Agile Software Development: Adaptive Systems Principles and Best Practices
10/24/2005The Nature of Software and the Laws of Software Process
06/13/2005Dynamic and Personalized Web Services Composition in E-Business
08/30/2004Extreme Programming and Agile Software Development Methodologies
12/08/2003Identifying Quality-based Requirements
08/04/2003Introduction to Process Improvement and the CMMI

Project Management

Books on Project Management
03/05/2007Try This Before Killing a Problem IT Project
10/04/2006Early Warning Signs of IT Project Failure: The Dominant Dozen
05/01/2006People on Projects: A New Look at Project Roles and Responsibilities
00/00/0000Dealing with Dysfuncational Teams
00/00/0000Evolving the Project Management Office: A Competency Continuum

Continuity Planning

11/10/2005E-mail Continuity: Maintaining Communications in Times of Disaster
05/30/2005Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans: Things Overlooked
08/23/2004Business Continuity Planning: A Comprehensive Approach
02/11/2002Contingency Preparedness Methodology
02/04/2002Maintaining Backup Systems and Database Consistency Checks
01/28/2002Building Maintenance Processes for Business Continuity Plans
01/21/2002Changes That Could Affect the Business Continuity Plan
01/14/2002E-Disaster Recovery Means Continuous Availability
01/07/2002Reengineering the Business Continuity Planning Process

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