Report Says 2005 Biggest Year Yet for Spyware

An alarming rise in the number of corporate data breaches combined with a steady rise in the sophistication of spyware threats and distribution methods made 2005 the biggest year yet for spyware attacks, according to latest State of Spyware report issued today by Webroot Software.

Consumers, small businesses and enterprises across the globe all experienced a record number of infection rates for the worst types of spyware in 2005, according to the report which contains data and information on the spyware plague for all of 2005. Most alarming was the rise in the most malicious types of spyware - Trojan horses and system monitors. For enterprises, between Q3 and Q4 2005, the number of Trojan horse infections increased nine percent and from Q2 to Q4 2005, the number of system monitors like keystroke loggers increased 50 percent consecutively each quarter.

Webroot also found that 54 percent of small businesses suffered significant revenue loss due to spyware-triggered business disruptions. These findings from a Webroot survey directly correlate to an FBI estimate that security breeches cost American businesses approximately $62 billion last year.

A free copy of the State of Spyware is available from Webroot Software.