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Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Attack and Cyber Warfare Thomas A. Johnson; ISBN 978-1-4822-3922-5
Managing the Insider Threat: No Dark Cornersn by Nick Catrantzos; ISBN 9781439872925
Securing Systems: Applied Security Architecture and Threat Models by Brook S. E. Schoenfield; ISBN 978-1-4822-3397-1
Practical Cryptography: Algorithms and Implementations Using C++ edited by Saiful Azad and Al-Sakib Khan Pathan: ISBN 978-1-4822-2889-2
A Comprehensive Look at Fraud Identification and Prevention by James R. Youngblood; ISBN 978-1-4987-0032-0
Corporate Security Intelligence and Strategic Decision Making by Justin Crump; ISBN 978-1-4665-9270-4

Information Security Management Handbook, 7th Edition Table of Contents

Edited by Peter Stephenson, PhD, CCFP, CISSP, CISM, FICAF, LPI (MI)
Director, Norwich University Center for Advanced Computing and Digital Forensics
and Norwich Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) Chief Information Security Officer



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Section 1 Securely Provision
Chapter 1 Information assurance compliance
Chapter 2 Software assurance and security engineering
Chapter 3 Systems security architecture
Chapter 4 Technology research and development
Chapter 5 Systems requirements planning
Chapter 6 Test and evaluation
Chapter 7 Systems development

Section 2 Operate and Maintain
Chapter 8 Data administration
Chapter 9 Knowledge management
Chapter 10 Customer service and technical support
Chapter 11 Network services
Chapter 12 System administration
Chapter 13 Systems security analysis

Section 3 Protect and Defend
Chapter 14 Computer network defense analysis
Chapter 15 Incident response
Chapter 16 Computer network defense infrastructure support
Chapter 17 Vulnerability assessment and management

Section 4 Investigate
Chapter 18 Investigation
Chapter 19 Digital forensics

Section 5 Collect and Operate
Chapter 20 Collection operations
Chapter 21 Cyber operations planning
Chapter 22 Cyber operations

Section 6 Analyze
Chapter 23 Threat analysis
Chapter 24 Exploitation analysis
Chapter 25 All source intelligence
Chapter 26 Targets

Section 7 Oversight and Development
Chapter 27 Legal advice and advocacy
Chapter 28 Strategic planning and policy development
Chapter 29 Education and training
Chapter 30 Information systems security operations
Chapter 31 Security program management

Glossary of Terms



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