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Books on Cryptography

Introduction to Certificateless Cryptography by Hu Xiong, Zhen Qin, and Athanasios V. Vasilakos; ISBN 9781482248609
Biometric Technology: Authentication, Biocryptography, and Cloud-Based Architecture by Ravi Das; ISBN 978-1-4665-9245-2
Practical Cryptography: Algorithms and Implementations Using C++ by Saiful Azad, Al-Sakib Khan Pathan; ISBN 9781482228892
Security without Obscurity: A Guide to Confidentiality, Authentication, and Integrity by J.J. Stapleton; ISBN 9781466592148

Supplemental Reading for
Understanding and Applying Cryptography and Data Security

Cryptographic Concepts, Methodologies, and Practices

Basics of Security and Cryptography, Saiful Azad and Al-Sakib Khan Pathan

Fundamentals of Cryptography and Encryption, Ronald A. Gove

Cryptographic Transitions, Ralph Spencer Poore

Blind Detection of Steganographic Content in Digital Images Using Cellular Automata, Sasan Hamidi, Ph.D.

An Overview of Quantum Cryptography, Ben Rothke

Elliptic Curve Cryptography: Delivering High-Performance Security for E-Commerce and Communications, Paul Lambert

Cryptographic Key Management Concepts, Ralph Spencer Poore

Message Authentication, James S. Tiller

Steganography: The Art of Hiding Messages, Mark Edmead

An Introduction to Cryptography, Javek Ikbel

Hash Algorithms: From Message Digests to Signatures, Keith Pasley

A Look at the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Ben Rothke

Understanding SSL, Chris Hare

IPSec Virtual Private Networks, James S. Tiller

Digital Steganography: Threat or Hype?, James E. Wingate

Protecting Your Data: It's Not Your Father's Encryption, Luther Martin

Encryption Everywhere: Ensuring Access Compliance beyond a Doubt, Ken Salchow

Why Client-Side Encryption Is the Next Best Idea in Cloud-Based Data Security, Tunio Zafer

Private Key Algorithms

Principles and Applications of Cryptographic Key Management, William Hugh Murray

Private Keys, Trusted Third Parties, and Kerberos, Alex Bidwell

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Getting Started with PKI, Harry DeMaio

Mitigating E-Business Security Risks: Public Key Infrastructures in the Real World, Douglas C. Merrill and Eran Feigenbaum

Preserving Public Key Hierarchy, Geoffrey C. Grabow

PKI Registration, Alex Golod

System Architecture for Implementing Cryptographic Functions

Implementing Kerberos in Distributed Systems, Joe Kovara and Ray Kaplan

Methods of Attack

Methods of Attacking and Defending Cryptosystems, Joost Houwen

Use of Cryptography

Auditing Cryptography: Assessing System Security, Steve Stanek

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