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Symantec February 2009 State of Spam Report

It's back - the war on spam's cat and mouse game continues. Spam volumes have continued to climb toward their pre-McColo shutdown levels, proving that as long as spammers continue to see a return on their investments, spam messages will continue to be sent in huge volumes.

The following headlines highlight the trends discussed in the February 2009 report:

  • Spam's Insidious Rise to 'Normal'
  • Need the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift? Spammers Provide Suggestions
  • Year of the Ox Brings Continued Abuse of The cn ccTLD
  • Spammer's Get Caught Up in Obamania During Inauguration
  • Russian Spammers Are Waiting for Your Call
  • The Underground Path to Illegal Gambling in China
  • Keeping the Focus on Nigerian Spam

Here is a link to the February 2009 Symantec State of Spam Report.

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