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The Fight for Cyber Space: High Tech and Law Enforcement Experts on Defeating Today’s Cyber Criminal

October 29, 2007 - Today’s cyber criminals are more organized and potent than ever before, and the United States is the number one target. Unfortunately, there are loopholes in current criminal law, which hamper law enforcement efforts to apprehend and prosecute cyber criminals.

BSA supports the bipartisan bills currently before Congress, the Cyber-Crime Act of 2007 (S. 2213) and the Cyber Security Enhancement Act of 2007 (H.R. 2290), as they would update criminal laws and provide law enforcement with much-needed tools to address cyber crime.

To help shed light on the issue, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) asked a range of technology industry, academic and law enforcement experts about the state of cyber crime in the US today.

Their views are captured in The Fight for Cyber Space: High Tech and Law Enforcement Experts on Defeating Today’s Cyber Criminals.

While the experiences of the individuals BSA interviewed were varied, their conclusions were resoundingly uniform:

Cyber crime today is overwhelmingly fueled by profit, employs sophisticated technologies capable of highly personalized attacks, and increasingly emanates from organized crime;

The rise of vast, surreptitiously controlled computer networks--botnets--has led to an explosion in the number and types of cyber crimes committed;

Despite concerted efforts by authorities at national, international, and state and local levels, resource constraints and gaps in existing law hamper the prosecution of much of today’s cyber crime; and

Federal law enforcement must be given additional tools and resources, such as those contained in H.R. 2290 and S. 2213, to address the realities of cyber crime today.

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