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Realizing the Benefits of Vulnerability Management in the Cloud

Gordon MacKay
Digital Defense, Inc.

I would like to start out this whitepaper with a short story. One day earlier this year, I was taking my dog for our daily walk. In passing a bend, this lively Pomeranian took notice of a few birds nearby. She became alert and excited! In the next moments, we experienced the beauty of a large flock of birds, as they took flight from the ground and nearby trees in their escape. They were brisk and noisy as they made their way up into the sky. It was an impressive sight for our small neighborhood. For the remainder of our walk, I pondered this.

The few birds' reaction to the threat caused the entire flock to become aware of the danger. This "safety in numbers" behavior prompted the following thought: Often in nature, an organism is more secure in a community than alone. I thought about the DDI vulnerability management solution and I realized that this same "safety in numbers" concept is also applicable to vulnerability management.

In this paper, I discuss two types of vulnerability management deliveries: cloud-based and premised-based. I highlight several challenges with vulnerability management and I argue that a cloud-based vulnerability management delivery keeps organizations more secure as compared to a premise-based solution.

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