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3 Effective Bomb Protection Solutions and Why Your Business Needs Them

It is a sad fact that the harsh realities of life mean that today's businesses have to factor in bomb protection solutions as part of their security objectives. Blast protection is now required in an ever growing list of situations, particularly where the public or sensitive information are concerned. One of the most important aspects of business is always being prepared for the unexpected, and by having bomb protection in place companies have the opportunity to reduce the potential of personal injury and property damage should an unfortunate event occur.

With that in mind, here's a list of three effective bomb protection solutions and why your business needs to have such contingencies in place.

Physical Security

Most businesses have physical security already in place in some form whether it's planned or not. Even simple devices like external lights or locks on windows and doors all contribute toward the overall physical security of a business. But these may not necessarily be implemented specifically to deter bomb threats. As recent events have shown, the indiscriminate nature of potential blasts mean that any physical security procedures already in place are useful to prevent attacks. Robust physical security solutions are an important part of the frontline against any threats through limiting and controlling access to a building and any other company property.

Blast Mitigation

Blast protection for external elements of your business such as walls and windows are a crucial part of limiting the effects of a bomb blast. At the first instance it may seem that shattered windows wouldn't matter or be the priority in the event of a bomb blast, but breaking glass can produce hundreds of potentially lethal razor-sharp shards. One solution to mitigate this is the application of bomb blast films. This device causes the glass to stick to the film and works out to be one of the most cost effective ways of limiting the damage caused by blasts. Another advantage of blast mitigation films is their ease of application and their ability to be retro-flitted to any existing buildings. This area of specialized window films now also comprises technologically advanced solutions such as synthetic cords designed to arrest the inward travel of shattered glass, or specially designed frames that decrease the occurrence of shearing across the window's perimeter. Although an extreme method, blast walls are an extremely effective way to protecting your business and staff from the effects of a nearby explosion. These blast walls can be bought precast, allowing them to be easily moved and dropped in place in high risk areas.


While external blast mitigation devices such as the ones above are an excellent way to limit the damage that can be done by a bomb blast, well trained and vigil staff still remain one of the best defences that you can have. All your staff should know what to do in the event of an emergency, whether this is just as simple as knowing all exit routes or basic medical knowledge. Once this training and procedures are in place the key is to rehearse and drill. This should be performed annually at the least, with greater frequency in high-risk areas or businesses with a high staff turnover. Having these rehearsals and drills regularly prepares staff on how to respond appropriately in the event of an emergency.


Bomb mitigation solutions are a serious and real issue that all businesses should be looking to address. Threat levels remain high, making it vital to have such measures in place and as such companies need to be adequately prepared. Heightened awareness about possible incidences among staff and careful security preparation can reduce accessibility to buildings as well as minimise any physical or personal damage in the unfortunate event of a blast, no matter the source.

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