New Report Outlines IT Security Requirements Under the California Security Breach Information Act (SB 1386)

July 26, 2006 - Apani Networks today issued a new white paper, The California Security Breach Information Act (SB1386) and Its Impact on IT Security, that looks at the IT security implications of the California Security Breach Information Act (SB 1386). The law applies to all organizations that have at least one customer or one employee that is a resident of California or organizations with at least one business record on a California resident, and makes public disclosure of a data breach mandatory; making it the strongest disclosure law in the country.

"SB 1386 was one of the first disclosure laws in the country and is one of the toughest. It has been used as a standard for other state laws, as well as for proposed federal data protection acts," said David M. Lynch, vice president of worldwide marketing. "We developed this white paper to provide CIOs and IT managers with usable guidelines of what the law covers and its implications."

Besides a checklist for CIOs, the white paper examines the potential business impact of a security breach that makes this a must read for CEOs of any sizable organization. According to research by the Ponemon Institute, 20 to 30 percent of customers affected by a data breach will stop doing business with the affected company. The paper recommends augmenting existing perimeter based security and preparing contingency plans in the event of a data breach.

This white paper, and other white paper previously developed by Apani, are available for immediate download at

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