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Adaptive Security Management Architecture Overview

James S. Tiller

The adaptive security management architecture is a method of organizing security-how it is applied, managed, supported, and incorporated into a business-to provide better business alignment, demonstrate value to the business, and be an enabler of success. Ultimately, with these capabilities in place, the objective is to create an operating environment that allows security to adapt to changes in the business and security more efficiently and effectively.

The ASMA is, in part, founded on the fact there is a great deal of untapped expertise and capabilities that exist in most information security groups and in the industry. Although these can be very powerful, there is a wide range of definitions of what security should be in the industry and in business, which results in varying forms of how security is performed. The science of security is still maturing ...


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From Adaptive Security Management Architecture by James S. Tiller. New York: Auerbach Publications, 2011.
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